Review: Xin Ee Shui Coffee Stall (Singapore)

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Tanglin Halt Food Centre Singapore

Xin Ee Shui Coffee Stall

does a variety of local flavoured drinks on top of the usual coffee and tea.

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Honey Kumquat

Xin Ee Shui Coffee Stall does a variety of local flavoured drinks. This is their honey kumquat drink which is supposed to be good for your throat. Nice tastes of kumquat but can’t taste the honey. Still refreshing and likeable though.

Water Chestnut Drink

This is yet another local drink. According to TCM, water chestnut drink is supposed to be a cooling drink that helps rid the body of heatiness. This is a very refreshing and lightly sweet drink. Unfortunately the ice dilutes it. The undiluted portion is nice.

3 Layer Teh C

This is 3 layer ice tea. The bottom layer is gula melaka, followed by a layer of evaporated milk, and finally the milk tea. Just in case you’re wondering, the C stands for “Carnation” which is a common brand of evaporated milk. This teh C has nice tea flavours and just the right amount of sweetness from the gula melaka. I like this.



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Xin Ee Shui Coffee Stall


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