Review: The Butcher’s Dining (Singapore)

★★ Excellent!


Havelock Road Singapore

The Butcher’s Dining

does Korean style western food with meats coming from their butchery. Tastes wonderful!

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Old School Duroc Pork Cutlet

This pork cutlet is made using cut meats from duroc pigs. The pork is soft and tender, and meaty too. Its crust is nicely breaded and crispy, the airy type of crispiness. The pork cutlet is topped with a nice flavourful korean style sauce. Tastes wonderful! This is probably one of the best pork cutlets I have tasted in Singapore. Both thumbs up. Highly recommended.

The pork cutlet comes with a serving of macaroni and corn salad, as well as a small serving of firm textured korean rice.


The cheeseburger comes with double beef patties and double cheese with slices of pickles. The beef patty is juicy and nicely grilled with smokey flavours. Melted cheddar and emmental cheese are sandwiched in between the 2 beef patties. The pickles are crunchy with a lightly sweet taste. These are all sandwiched in between of 2 soft buns. This is definitely a very enjoyable cheeseburger. Very likeable.

The cheeseburger comes with a choice of side, either crispy vegetables or mesclun salad. Salad is chosen for this. This salad has nice crunchy and juicy leaves with a light miso salad dressing. Nice.

Mini Gouda Cheese Corn Dog

This mini corn dog has a gouda cheese filling. It has a nice crusty breaded crust outside, soft bread inside with a melty chewy cheese core. It is topped with a homemade chilli sauce and sage cheese sauce. Tastes really good. Recommended.

Iced Korean Pine Needle Tea

This glass of pine needle tea has light sweet flavours with piney tones. Refreshingly nice.


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The Butcher’s Dining


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