Review: Toa Payoh Satay (Singapore)

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Old Airport Road Food Centre Singapore

Toa Payoh Satay

serves satay with the usual choice of pork, chicken and mutton. Satay sauce with pineapple puree.

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Toa Payoh Satay serves satay in the usual choice in pork, chicken and mutton. Comes served on the side with a bowl of satay sauce with pineapple puree added.

The pork satay has pieces of meats sandwiching small pieces of fats. These are soft and the fats makes it tastes juicy as well. It has nice smokey flavours and the charred parts are nice. Likewise for the chicken satay, soft meat and nice smokey flavours. The charred bits tastes nice, however there is very minimal charred parts, just mainly soft meat. As for the mutton satay, it is soft and tender, no gamey flavours either. All 3 meats has a slightly sweet flavour from the seasoning. Personally I prefer the pork and mutton. Chicken would be nice too if there is more charring.

The highlight of this satay stall is actually its satay sauce. This satay sauce is very nutty and smooth, with very finely grated peanuts instead of chunky peanut bits. Pineapple puree is added giving it a nice pineapple taste on top of its nuttiness. This satay sauce is also quite well balanced, not to watery and neither too thick. Very mildly spicy too. Thumbs up for the satay sauce, and probably explains the long queue here.


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