Review: Xiang Le Roasted Delights (Singapore)

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Old Airport Road Food Centre Singapore

Xiang Le Roasted Delights

serves char siew, siu yuk and roast duck with either rice or noodles. Tastes decent.

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Char Siew Siu Yuk Rice

This plate of char siew siu yuk rice has slices of char siew and siu yuk stacked on top of plain white rice with some cucumber slices. It comes served with a bowl of nicely flavoured vegetables soup, and a watery garlicky tasting chilli sauce on the side.

The char siew is meaty with a tiny bit of fatty bits. It has slightly charred smokey flavours and a sweet taste. The siu yuk is meaty as well. The roast pork has soft fatty parts that makes it juicy and its skin is crispy. It has nice savoury tastes. The plain white rice has a nice firm texture with some seasoning sauce added.

This plate char siew siu yuk rice is decently nice. Thumbs up.


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