Review: Yong Kee HK Roasted Duck (Singapore)

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Yong Kee HK Roasted Duck

does Cantonese style siu mei with not often found char siew chicken wing, and option for dark soya sauce rice.


Char Siew, Siu Yuk, Lap Cheong Rice

Yong Kee HK Roasted Duck does Cantonese style siu mei with options for regular white rice or the not so commonly found dark soya sauce rice. Shown here is char siew, siu yuk, lap cheong with dark soya sauce rice.

Both the char siew and roast pork are quite moist but tastes quite ordinary. The char siew has a nice sweet flavour and the roast pork siu yuk has a mildly crispy skin. It is the lap cheong that is surprisingly nice. This lap cheong seems to be coated with char siew sauce, giving it a nice sweet and sticky flavours. Very nice. Recommended.

The dark soya sauce rice is quite unusual and quite rarely found in siu mei stalls. It tastes alright on its own, tastes even better with char siew sauce added.


Char Siew Chicken Wing

This is something that is not so commonly found as well. This char siew chicken wing is nicely roasted with a char siew sauce coating giving this a nice sweet char siew flavours. It is rather nice.

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Yong Kee HK Roasted Duck


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