Review: Zion Riverside Mixed Veg Rice (Singapore)



Zion Riverside Food Centre Singapore

Zion Riverside Mixed Veg Rice

is a rather popular stall selling cai png with a decent selection of dishes to choose from. Nice.

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Cai Png

Zion Riverside Mixed Veg Rice sells cai png with quite a decent assortment of dishes to choose from. Seen here is with sweet sour pork, lemon fried fish, egg tofu with potato slices, egg omelette served with rice and curry.

The sweet sour pork is crispy outside, fairly tender and meaty inside with nice flavours. Similarly for the lemon fried fish, it has a nice crispy batter outside, soft and moist fish meat inside. Its flavours are nice too, recommended.

The egg tofu and potato slices has a nice savour taste. The egg omelette is rather thick with a nice slightly charred taste. As for the curry, it is quite fragrant and mild spicy. This is quite an enjoyable meal.

Fried Noodles

Besides rice, fried noodles is available here as well. Seen here is with sweet sour pork added.

This fried noodles uses the thin type of yellow noodles, and has decent flavourings. The sweet sour pork is meaty with lightly crispy outside and a nice sweet taste. Comes served with an optional chilli on the side. Be warned, the chilli is very salty though. Other than the chilli, this fried noodles is quite likeable.


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