Review: Henri Charpentier (Singapore)

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Great World City Ngee Ann City Orchard Central Vivocity 100AM Singapore

Henri Charpentier

is a chain cafe from Japan serving cakes. Tastes ordinary, similar to cakes from a local bakery. Does not taste bad, just missing the exquisiteness of Japanese cakes.

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Strawberry Shortcake

This strawberry shortcake has a fairly soft and sweet sponge cake sandwiching some fresh cream and strawberry slices. The fresh cream has a slight buttery taste to it. As for the strawberries, tastes quite decent. This shortcake doesn’t taste bad, just ordinary.

Mille Crepe

This mille crepe has stacks of crepe and fresh cream with a strawberry jam layer in the middle. It has a rather firm texture and is topped with strawberry, raspberry and blueberry. Fairly decent but ordinary.

Souffle Cheesecake

This souffle cheesecake has light flavours of cheese and mild sweetness. Flavours are actually quite decent. However this cheesecake is rather firm and there is nothing souffle about it.

Mont Blanc

This mont blanc is supposed to have rum flavoured cream however I can’t detect any hints of rum at all. The cookie base has a nice buttery taste though. This is not something that I would go for. Passable.


This tiramisu has light flavours of mascarpone, cream cheese with coffee flavoured cream. It is topped with some cocoa powder and a small slice of chocolate. It is fairly creamy with a nice cookie base. This one is ordinary but decent.

Black Forest Cake

This black forest cake has soft chocolate sponge with chocolate flavoured cream layer. It is topped with some sweet tasting chocolate and soft cherry on top. Not much black foresty tastes though. Quite ordinary.


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