Review: Carne Burgers (Singapore)

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Amoy Street Singapore

Carne Burgers

does artisanal burgers using premium ingredients. Feels like gourmet fast food.

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Carne Burgers does artisanal burgers using premium ingredients, but the dining experience feels very fast food like without any of the premium experiences of a gourmet joint. The burgers comes in paper wrappers and the drinks in plastic cups and these are served on a plastic tray, just like in a cheap fast food restaurant. Even my local Shake Shack has better vibes, and I am paying like double the prices to eat a gourmet burger off a piece of wrapper.

Complete Burger

This Complete Burger comes with a piece of 160g natural grass-fed beef patty, local oak lettuce, organic tomato, red onion and pickled cucumber, crispy smoked hormone-free bacon, cheddar cheese, a fried local egg sandwiched in between a butter bun.

The beef patty is juicy with nice flavourings, bacon is fairly crispy and there is a toasted crispiness to the insides on the bun. Honestly, this is quite a decent burger but not something that I would go gaga over.

Grilled Beef and Double Mushroom Burger

The Grilled Beef and Double Mushroom Burger uses two types of mushrooms, local shiitake and mushrooms duxelles with garlic mayonnaise and a 160g natural grass-fed beef patty, pickled onions and natural cheese sandwiched in between a toasted butter bun.

Similarly to their Complete Burger, the beef patty is juicy with nice flavourings, and the mushrooms tastes nice too. However its sauce is salty, way too salty and spoils the party. Perhaps it’s better to skip the sauce for this burger.

Triple Cooked Agria Fries

The fries are thickly cut, more like wedges than your usual thin fries. These fries are crispy outside and soft inside, though there are a few that are no longer crispy. Comes with 2 dipping sauces: a hot sauce and a ketchup. Decent fries but quite ordinary, more like something you get from a fast food joint

Vanilla Milkshake

This milkshake has nice vanilla flavours with some toffee glazing its sides. Topped with whipped cream and crushed praline. Not overly sweet and a light buttery taste. It is rather nice.

Fresh Lemonade

The lemonade has quite balanced flavours, not too sweetness and not too lemony. Refreshingly nice.

My verdict: the burgers tastes decent but more like gourmet fast food (think Shake Shack and Five Guys) than real gourmet burgers. At this price point, there are lots of other options out there. A personal favourite is Ryan’s Kitchen at Great World City, tastes good and with a better dining experience.


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