Review: Chef Wei HK Cheong Fun (Singapore)

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Bedok Central Clementi Ave 2 Holland Drive Ion Orchard Singapore

Chef Wei HK Cheong Fun

serves freshly made chee cheong fun with various fillings. Not 100% Hong Kong style but still decent.

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Chee Cheong Fun

Chef Wei HK Cheong Fun serves freshly made chee cheong fun with various fillings. Claims to be Hong Kong style cheung fun (yes it is spelled as cheung fun in Hong Kong, not “cheong” fun), but it is not exactly 100% so. The commonality to cheung fun in Hong Kong is that these chee cheong fun are steamed on a piece of cloth and the light soya sauce used.

Seen above are their smoked duck and prawns chee cheong fun. The chee cheong fun itself is rather smooth. The smoked duck shreds are meaty with nice savoury flavours, and the prawns are fairly fresh tasting. The chee cheong fun is served in a light soya sauce seasoning with a mildly sweet taste, and topped with some sesame seeds. A dried shrimp flavoured chilli paste can be added to the side. Personally I like the prawns filling more than the smoked duck ones.

A quick background about the cheung fun found in Hong Kong. Over in Hong Kong, cheung fun is usually found in dim sum places and congee stores (the ones found in roadside stores are of a different kind). Instead of sambal chilli paste, the ones in Hong Kong comes with either chilli oil or XO sauce. Sweet sauce and peanut sauce maybe served as well.

Although the chee cheong fun served at Chef Wei HK Cheong Fun is more of a local adaptation of Hong Kong style cheung fun, it is still decent and rather likeable.


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