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Gokoku Japanese Bakery

originates from Kobe, Japan. Baking tasty Japanese style breads since 1961. Thumbs up!

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Malt Kurumi Pan

The Malt Kurumi Pan is the #2 bestseller at Gokoku Japanese Bakery. This is a hearty bun made with high fibre ingredients like malt, oatmeal, soybeans and walnuts. This bun is soft yet firm with some crunchiness from the added nuts and grains. It has a slight sweet taste. It is a good choice. Recommended.

Ham Tamago Bun

The Ham Tamago Bun is a soft bun topped with ham, egg, mayonnaise and a small dollop of ketchup. Tastes nice.


Gokoku Japanese Bakery sells 2 types of coronets. The regular ones with custard whipped cream filling and chocolatey ones with couverture chocolate custard cream filling.

Both has a light and airy pastry puff that is dusted with sugar powder. The chocolate flavoured coronet has cocoa added to its puff giving it a dark hue. The regular jumbo coronet has a nice sweet taste and isn’t overly sweet, and the chocolate coronet has a rich chocolatey taste with light bitterness.

Both are tasty, though I like the regular coronet more. Thumbs up for this.

Cheesecake Croissant

This cheesecake croissant has a soft cheesecake with sour cream core sitting in a croissant cup. The croissant crust has a chewy texture but is unfortunately soft and no longer crispy. The cheesecake filling is soft and light cheesy flavours with a tint of sweetness. This one is just decent.

Bacon Danish

This bacon danish has pork belly bacon and cheese wrapped in a danish dough, topped with cheese and baked to a nice crisp. Its dough is soft and nice crispy flaky and its cheese topping is melted to a nice crisp. Savoury bacon bits and soft melted cheese inside. This bacon danish is good! I like it.


This danish is literally filled with lots of chocolate and topped with crispy almond slices. It has a soft chocolate filling with a crispy chocolate coating. The danish is soft and chewy with slightly crispy and flaky sides. This is definitely a lovely chocolatey treat.


This round crispy pastry has rich buttery flavours with crispy almond slices. Its crispy pastry puff is slightly caramelised and sticky with a nice sweet taste. Nice!

Apple & Caramel Kouign-amann

This round crispy puff pastry contains fuji apple slices and caramel. The puff is crispy outside with a nice sweet and caramelised chewy stickiness, topped with crispy almond slices. The insides are soft and fluffy with crunchy sweet fuji apple filling. This is so good…. Highly recommended.



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Gokoku Japanese Bakery

Great World City

Singapore 237994

Guoco Tower

Singapore 078884

Jurong Point

Singapore 648886

Millenia Walk

Singapore 039596


Singapore 556083

West Coast Market Sq

Singapore 529510


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