Review: Danger Close Beverage Company (Singapore)

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★★ Excellent!

Danger Close Beverage Company

is not your regular beverage company. Besides the usual craft beers, they have something pretty dope – a small selection of sparkling craft teas!

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Sparkling Craft Tea

The artisanal sparkling tea from Danger Close Beverage Company fizzles just like good champagne, and not overly gassy like a soda. Available in a handful of flavours. Extremely refreshing.

Lady Grey

Lady Grey is brewed from Lapsang Souchong (a Chinese black tea) tea leaves with citrus and lemon peels. It doesn’t taste like Chinese tea at all. Instead, it tastes like Earl Grey tea – a nice glass of bubbling Earl Grey tea. Easy on the palates.


Chinois is a sparkling tea brewed from Lychee Red Tea. It has a mildly sweet taste coming from lychee, dried fruits and honey. Sweet, easy to drink, refreshingly good. Highly recommended.


Osmanthus Squirrel

Osmanthus Squirrel is brewed from Osmanthus Oolong, a concoct of osmanthus and oolong tea leaves. It is a fragrant tea that is quite mild in taste. Very nice.


Camellia is a delicious sparkling red tea brew from Camellia Sinensis red tea leaves from Indonesia. Hints of warm spices and milk chocolate.

Renowned Unknown Fragrance (Bu Zhi Xiang)

Renowned Unknown Fragrance (Bu Zhi Xiang) is a unique blend of Oolong tea leaves from a century-old tea merchant Pek Sin Choon in Singapore. The bottled version of this tea is bubbly. Bu Zhi Xiang is very fragrant and light. This is my personal favourite.


Cold Brew Coffee

Besides sparkling tea, Danger Close Beverage Company serves coffee too.

Abyss Cold Brew Coffee

This cold brew coffee has a nice roasty flavour. Pretty good.


Location: Danger Close Beverage Company

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