Review: Golden Biryani Savoury Vadai (Singapore)

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ABC Brickworks Food Centre Singapore

[Closed] Golden Biryani Savoury Vadai

is a stall that is run by Chinese selling Indian biryani and vadai. Both actually tastes rather nice.

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Chicken Biryani

Golden Biryani Savoury Vadai does pretty nice curry chicken biryani. It comes with a curry chicken drumstick, a curry hardboiled egg, curry potato and a small piece of plain vadai with some crispy loose bits, on a plate of nicely flavoured biryani rice. Some vegetables and a small bowl of curry are included on the side.

The curry is very lightly spicy and has nice coconut milk flavourings. The chicken drumstick is tender and moist. The vadai bits are crispy and tastes good with some curry added and adds a nice crispy texture when eaten together with the rice. This is definitely likeable.


Golden Biryani Savoury Vadai also does vadai with prawn or plain. This vadai is very crispy, and is more like a prawn cracker than an Indian vadai. For the ones with prawn, it is fried so crispy that you can eat it with its shell. It maybe different from the original vadai, but still tastes decently nice.


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