Review: Fu Ming Cooked Food (Singapore)

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Fu Ming Cooked Food

is a highly rated stall with food critics selling fried carrot cake in Redhill Food Centre. Seriously overrated though.

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Fried Carrot Cake

Fu Ming Cooked Food sells both the black and white versions of Fried Carrot Cake.

The radish cake used has a soft texture and is more suited for white version of fried carrot cake. The radish cake is cut into smaller cubes and pan fried until charred and burnt, with eggs added when you place an order. Although the radish cake is suitably soft for white version of fried carrot cake, its cubes are somewhat large. It will be way better if it is flattened into a mash for the white version.

Sweet black sauce is added for the black version, the radish cake cubes are of the right size but its texture is too soft to make the black version taste any good. It is a situation of neither here or there.

Both versions have charred and burnt bits, but there is no crisp to it, just a badly burnt bitter taste. To me this is just plain bad cooking, definitely not wok hei as some people may claim it to be.

In my definition, this fried carrot is not even close to be considered as a good one. At most it is average. It may be highly rated with food critics, but definitely way overrated. Can give this a pass. In my opinion, the other fried carrot cake stall in Redhill Food Centre, Delicious Fried Carrot Cake is better. Just take a look at the queue in front of both stalls. It speaks for itself.


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Fu Ming Cooked Food


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