Review: Old Punggol Satay (Singapore)

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Old Punggol Satay

does average tasting pork and chicken satay that is way overrated.

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Chicken and Pork Satay

Old Punggol Satay is seriously overrated and just plain average. Its chicken satay is tender, but is light on flavours and is not grilled charred enough. Its pork satay is definitely better than the chicken ones. The pork satay has a sweet taste, and the small piece of fatty pork helps enhance its flavours. The satay sauce tastes average as well. It would have been better if the sauce is a bit thicker.

One thing to take note of. The size of the meat on the satay is inconsistent. Some skewers are like just having half portions of meat. It feels like they are cutting corners. There are better options out there.


Location: Old Punggol Satay

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