Review: Hai Chew Fish Soup (Singapore)

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Hai Chew Fish Soup

is a popular stall selling fish soup, with a constant queue of customers especially during meal times.

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Fish Soup

Hai Chew Fish Soup sells various types of fish soup with options for fish meat slices, fried fish nuggets, and even fish heads. You can choose between rice, mee hoon (both thick and thin varieties), mee sua and yee mee to go along with your fish soup.

Shown here is a mixed fish soup containing both fish slices and fried fish nuggets, with yee mee. The nicely flavoured fish soup contains some vegetables and tomatoes, giving it a light and fresh taste. Both the sliced fish and fried fish nuggets tastes decent too, and the yee mee is quite springy. This is a rather likeable fish soup.

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Hai Chew Fish Soup


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