Review: You Yi Fish Soup (Singapore)

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You Yi Fish Soup

does really good fish soup dishes. Especially their fried fish with vegetable rice is very popular with the crowd.

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Fried Fish with Tom Yum Soup

This is their very popular fried fish soup set which comes with fried fish nuggets, a bowl of fish soup and your choice of rice or noodles. For the fish soup, you can choose between clear fish soup or tom yum soup. Shown here is with tom yum soup.

This tom yum soup tastes really good. It has a spicy and sourly taste with tofu cubes, tomato slices, fried egg and vegetables. The pieces of fried egg soaking up the tom yum soup’s flavours is especially good.

The fried fish nuggets has a crispy and light batter, with nice juicy flesh inside. Nice flavours too. It is so good that you may want to buy extras to snack on.

As for the rice, you can choose between white rice or vegetable rice or from an assortment of noodles. Go for their vegetable rice, it is something that is uncommon. This nicely flavoured vegetable rice contains vegetables and mushroom slices hidden in its brown hue, and it doesn’t cost extra. It is a very popular choice with the crowd.


Seafood Fish Soup

If you prefer something healthier, you can go for their seafood soup or sliced fish soup, with the usual option of clear fish soup or tom yum soup, and your choice of rice or noodles. Shown here is their seafood soup with clear fish soup option and ban mian.

This nicely flavoured seafood soup comes with quite a generous assortment of ingredients. It has fish slices, tofu cubes, tomato slices, minced meat, fishball, prawns and prawn ball.

The fish slice tastes like ordinary supermarket fare frozen fish slices. However both the fishball and prawn ball tastes pretty good. Prawn ball is soft and tender, fishball is soft and springy. The ban main is springy and chewy too. This is quite nice.

Personally I prefer the fried fish nuggets more. The fried fish nuggets with vegetable rice is definitely a good hearty and tasty meal for me.

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You Yi Fish Soup


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