Review: Shun Ji Duck Rice (Singapore)

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Shun Ji Duck Rice

is quite a popular stall in the neighbourhood that does pretty decent flavoured braised duck rice.

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Braised Duck Rice

Shun Ji Duck Rice does decently nice braised duck with options for rice, noodles and porridge. Shown here is their happy duck rice which comes with slices of braised duck, half a braised egg, braised peanuts, braised tau pok (supposed to be braised tofu but they ran out) and a bowl of soup.

The rice is cooked with braised sauce, giving it a brownish hue. It is quite fragrant with nice flavours. The rice comes topped with slices of boneless braised duck meat which is fairly tender and juicy, the braised peanuts are soft, and the tau pok has nice braised sauce flavours that isn’t overly salty. The chilli however is a bit on the salty side for my tastebud. The soup tastes really nice with a mild herbal taste.

This might not be the tastiest braised duck rice around, but it is still quite a hearty and enjoyable duck rice. A thumbs up from me.

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Shun Ji Duck Rice


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