Review: Rong Ji Traditional Hainanese Chicken Rice (Singapore)

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Rong Ji Traditional Hainanese Chicken Rice

is well known for their roast chicken rice. Located at Redhill Food Centre, it is a very popular stall with a constant queue throughout the day.

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Chicken Rice

This is the standard chicken rice from Rong Ji Traditional Chicken Rice. It comes with a plate of chicken, a plate of rice, a bowl of soup and chilli sauce on the side.

Roast Chicken

This roast chicken is good. Nice tender meat that isn’t roasted too dry and tastes good. Its skin has nice flavours and probably has a slight nice crisp to it if you are to skip the seasoning sauce.

Hainanese Chicken

This Hainanese Chicken is good as well. Soft, tender and juicy, especially its skin is so smooth. The seasoning is soy sauce based with a slightly sweet taste to it. Matches the chicken really well.

Chicken Cutlet

Besides the roasted and poached chicken, fried chicken cutlet is also available as an option. This chicken cutlet has good flavourings with tender and juicy meat. However it is not crispy. It will be good if its crust is crispy. This one is just decent.


Nice flavourful rice with a hint of ginger. Though cooked with chicken oil, it doesn’t taste oily at all.


This soup is good. It is quite different from the regular chicken soup. This one has peanuts added to it and boiled until it is soft, adding nice peanuts flavours to it. Thumbs up.


This chilli sauce has a ginger and garlic taste to it. It pairs up well with the chicken dishes.

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Rong Ji Traditional Hainanese Chicken Rice


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