Review: Khin Kee Fishball Kway Teow (Singapore)



Havelock Road Food Centre Singapore

Khin Kee Fishball Kway Teow

sells handmade fishballs and fish cake with noodles. Their fish cake is very popular and sells out quickly.


Fishball Noodles

Khin Kee Fishball Kway Teow sells pretty good handmade fishballs and fish cake with a choice of noodles.

The regular noodles come with fishballs, fish dumplings and some minced meat bits on the noodles as seen above with mee kia. Fish cake is an extra add on. The noodles are mixed with vinegar and lard. Not exactly springy but tastes alright though.

The highlight of this stall is their handmade fishballs and fish cake. You can easily tell that they are handmade with their rough edges and inconsistent sizes. Fishball is springy and smooth, comes in a bowl of nicely flavoured soup. The fish cake is an optional add on item. It has a very nice savoury flavour and usually sells out quickly. If you see it available, I do recommend that you add it in. It is nice.

If you want just their handmade fishballs, you can order your noodles with just fishballs. Remember to add in the extra fish cake if it is still available.


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