Review: Kim Tian Lv Carrot Cake (Singapore)

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Kim Tian Lv Carrot Cake

fries up very good fried carrot cake with good wok hei. Available in the usual white and black versions.

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Fried Carrot Cake

Kim Tian Lv Carrot Cake fries very good fried carrot cake. It has good wok hei with some charring. However this charring isn’t bad cooking (unlike another well known fried carrot cake stall – Fu Ming Cooked Food), but is nice crispy bits that are sightly charred.

The fried carrot cake has nice savoury chye poh flavours. The crispy charred bits are especially good. The black version of this fried carrot cake is essentially the white version with sweet black sauce added like an afterthought. The white version is recommended over the black ones here.

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Kim Tian Lv Carrot Cake


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