Review: Merely Ice Cream (Singapore)

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Merely Ice Cream

makes fresh ice cream in small batches. A few dozen flavours are available. Nice!


Ice Cream

Hei Sesame

This is made from Japanese black sesame goma paste, with a decently nice black sesame flavours. It would probably taste much nicer if the black sesame flavours are more intense though.

Roasted Pistachio

This roasted pistachio ice cream has very nicely balanced flavours. Made using Italian pistachio paste with bits of pistachio nuts. It is just mildly sweet with a nice nutty and roasted taste. Very nice! Recommended.

Toffee Pecan Dulcey

Made using Valrhona Dulcey white chocolate with housemade toffee bits and pecan bits added, this ice cream is sweet. Buttery with sweet tastes of toffee. Nice.



This has fairly decent roasted green tea flavours. Would have been better if the taste is a little more intense.

Earl Grey

This is made using Earl Grey tea leaves with milk. It has strong Earl Grey tastes and leaves a nice tea aftertaste. If you like tea, this is recommended.



This strawberry ice cream is made with housemade strawberry jam. It is creamy and a bit on the sweeter side. A good choice for those who likes all things sweet.

Lychee Beer Sorbet

This is a sweet tasting sorbet with nice lychee flavours. Rather refreshing too. However can’t taste any beer.

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Merely Ice Cream


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