Review: N.M. Abdul Rahim (Singapore)

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★★ Excellent!

N.M. Abdul Rahim

is probably the best stall around for mee hoon goreng and maggi goreng. Excellent wok hei and tastes really good!


Mee Hoon Goreng Ikan Bilis

N.M. Abdul Rahim probably does the best mee hoon goreng ikan bilis in Singapore. This mee hoon goreng is stir-fried with egg, potato, tomato, onions, cut chilli, vegetables and crispy fried ikan bilis. The mee hoon goreng has excellent wok hei, isn’t oily that tastes really good. You can also top it with a sunny side egg that has its white sides fried golden and crispy, yet with a runny egg yolk. This is simply wonderful!

Maggi Goreng Ikan Bilis

Instead of mee hoon, maggi mee is used here instead. Just like the mee hoon goreng, this maggi goreng has excellent wok hei and tastes good too. Highly recommended.

Mee Goreng Ikan Bilis

For the mee goreng, yellow noodles is used. Similarly its wok hei is good. Maybe due to the thicker nature of yellow noodles, the mee goreng doesn’t taste as good as the mee hoon and maggi mee versions. Don’t get me wrong here, this mee goreng tastes very good when compared to similar offerings from other stalls. It is just that the mee hoon and maggi mee versions tastes even better at this stall.


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N.M. Abdul Rahim


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