Review: Tanglin Halt Roti Prata (Singapore)

Tanglin Halt Roti Prata: Plain Prata & Curry


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Tanglin Halt Roti Prata

sells only two basic types of roti prata – plain prata and egg prata. Their curry is nice.

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Roti Prata

Tanglin Halt Roti Prata sells only two basic types of roti prata, the plain ones and the ones with egg.

The plain prata is hard and tough with very mild crispiness. Probably because they were made in advanced and left out on the tray for too long and turned cold. Likewise for the egg prata, it’s rather hard and tough except for the egg parts. I can imagine them being rather nice if freshly made and crispy. However as of it is, the prata is quite bad.

The prata comes with a saucer of curry sauce on the side. This curry is thick and slightly spicy, with some potatoes added in. Nice flavourings too. I like this curry. This helps bring up the score to an average rather than poor.

If you can get this roti prata freshly made and piping hot, it would probably have been a really nice one especially with the curry. If not, it is skippable.


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Tanglin Halt Roti Prata

49 Tanglin Halt Rd

Singapore 142049


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