Review: Delisnacks (Singapore)

Delisnacks: Assorted

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is a chain store serving a variety of fried dough snacks like you tiao, ham chim peng, etc and some other fried snacks.

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You Tiao

The you tiao has a crispy and chewy dough with slight savoury tastes. It is rather decent and likeable.

Ham Chim Pang

This ham chim peng has a soft dough that is slightly chewy. It has very slightly crispy outside and has mild salty flavours. Quite ordinary..

Butterfly Bun

The porridge is quite smooth and nicely flavoured with savoury tastes, and the added egg makes it tastes even smoother. The pork ball is soft with meaty savoury flavours. It is topped with some chopped spring onions.


Fried Dough

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Goreng Pisang

This goreng pisang has a soft and sweet banana coated in a batter and deep fried until its crust is crispy. It is decent as well.


Goreng Pisang

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Fried Carrot Cake

This fried carrot cake has a firm texture and slightly savoury flavours. Although it is deep fried, it is not exactly crispy. Some edges are slightly crispy but it is mostly soft. Just ordinary..


Fried Carrot Cake

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Fu Yuan Vegetarian Fried Carrot Cake: Fried Carrot Cake Sticks

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AMK 628 Market

Singapore 560628

Changi Village HC

Singapore 500002

Cheng San Food Centre

Singapore 560527

Chinatown Complex FC

Singapore 050335

Chong Boon Food Centre

Singapore 561453

Chong Pang Food Centre

Singapore 760105

Eunos Crescent FC

Singapore 402004

Haig Road Food Centre

Singapore 430014

Hainanese Village Centre

Singapore 530105

Hong Lim Food Centre

Singapore 051531

MacPherson Food Centre

Singapore 370089

Market Street HC

Singapore 048947

Mayflower Food Centre

Singapore 560162

North Bridge Road FC

Singapore 198783

Sims Vista Food Centre

Singapore 380049

Tekka Centre

Singapore 210665

Toa Payoh Lor 8 HC

Singapore 310210

Whampoa Drive FC

Singapore 320091

Yuhua Place HC

Singapore 600347

Yuhua Village FC

Singapore 600254


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Bukit Timah Food Centre

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Ghim Moh Food Centre

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Hong Lim Food Centre

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Jurong West 505 Food Centre

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Pek Kio Food Centre

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Tanglin Halt Market

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Toa Payoh Lorong 8 Hawker Centre

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