Review: The Milky Way (Singapore)

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Tanglin Halt Singapore

The Milky Way

is a bistro cafe selling homemade ice cream, food and coffee.

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Ice Cream


This ice cream is based on Ferrero Rocher chocolate. It is rich and creamy. Just like the chocolate, it is on the sweet side. Contains bits of actual Ferrero Rocher. This is a popular choice at The Milky Way.

Ferrero Raisins & Nuts

This is another Ferrero Rocher flavoured ice cream using a coconut base. It has nice coconut flavours, contains raisins and nuts. The nuts are a bit soft though. Would have been much better if the nut bits are crunchy. This is also on the sweet side.

Irish Cream

This is a liquor ice cream based on Bailey’s Irish Cream. It has nice Bailey’s liquor flavours and is mildly sweet. Includes chocolate bits. Nice!

Creamy Peanut Butter Cookies

This is a creamy ice cream with nice peanut butter tastes. Contains peanut bits and cookie crumbles. I like this one. It is lovely.


This ice cream has a nice pistachio taste. However it is a bit too sweet. The overly sweetness covers up the nuttiness flavours. It would taste more authentic if it is less sweet and more nutty.


The hazelnut ice cream is a bit too sweet as well, but it has nice nutty hazelnut flavours. Apparently I am eating an early version of this ice cream that is missing on the hazelnut bits. It should taste better now with hazelnut bits added.

The Milky Way

This is their namesake ice cream. It is a milk flavoured ice cream topped with marshmallow bits. Nice creamy and milky. However, it will probably be better if it is less sweet with more intense milk flavours. The chewy marshmallow bits are a nice touch though.

Vegan Coconut Gao

Creamy ice cream with very nice coconut flavours. A bit on the sweet side but I like its strong intense coconut tastes.

Black Sesame

The black sesame ice cream is nice! It has a nice rich black sesame taste with just the right level of sweetness. I like it.

Purple Sweet Potato

A creamy ice cream with light flavours of sweet potato and light amount of sweetness. It is a decent one.


Nice matcha tea flavours. Probably better if the tea flavours are more intense.


Nice hojicha tea flavours. It will be better if the roasted flavours are stronger.


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