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Redhill Tanjong Pagar Plaza Tanglin Halt Singapore

Ru Yi Yuan Vegetarian

is probably the best Chinese vegetarian around with the usual fried mee hoon, fried noodles and hor fun.


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Vegetarian Fried Mee Hoon, Fried Noodles, Hor Fun

Ru Yi Yuan Vegetarian sells the usual fried mee hoon, fried noodles and hor fun (kway teow) with an assortment of mock meats which includes: mock duck, mock goose, mock chicken, mock pig stomach, mock pig ears and mock char siew.

The fried mee hoon is the white type and tastes really good. The fried noodles is the thin type of yellow noodles and tastes nice too. The hor fun (kway teow) has a very nice smokey flavour. All these comes with an assortment of mock meats with tofu slices and some vegetables.

Worth mentioning about some of the mock meats sold here. The mock char siew tastes really good with a nice smokey taste. The mock goose is nice crispy outside and soft inside. My favourite mock meat here is probably the mock pig stomach. It has a very nice honey sweet taste with a hint of smokiness. Yummy!

You can also add on a vegetarian spring roll or two. This spring roll has a crispy and fluffy skin wrapping a filling mixture of sweet radish and carrot shreds. Very good. Highly recommended as an add on or as a side to snack upon.

Ru Yi Yuan Vegetarian has several stalls located throughout Singapore and is hugely popular with long snaking queues especially during the 1st and 15th day of a lunar month. This is definitely a very lovely vegetarian food that I enjoyed very much, and probably the best Chinese vegetarian in Singapore.


Vegetarian Mee Hoon & Noodles


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