Review: Tiong Bahru Pau & Snacks (Singapore)

Tiong Bahru Pau: Phoenix Egg Filling

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Tiong Bahru Pau & Snacks

is a popular store selling handmade pau, dim sum and snacks. They have been around in business since 1969.

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Chicken Meat Big Pau

Chicken Meat Big Pau has large chunks of chicken meat filling inside, with a tasty seasoning sauce soaking up the inner edges of the bun. It is good.

Char Siew Pau

This is a petite size Char Siew Pau that is big on its taste. Most char siew fillings are just sweet. This char siew filling has a sweet and smoky taste. The smoky taste is a really good enhancement.

Dim Sum

Siu Mai

This is a pretty large size Siu Mai that contains nicely flavoured pork filling with water chestnut bits. It is mildly salty with a hint of sweetness.

Phoenix Egg

As far as I know of, Phoenix Egg is something unique to this store. It is half a boiled egg with minced meat replaced for the other missing half egg, coated with a flour batter and deep fried. Nice!


Lo Mai Gai

This Lo Mai Gai has soft glutinous rice topped with chicken meat. Rice is a bit bland but still tastes fairly alright.

Fan Choy

The Fan Choy has soya sauced flavoured rice with decently tender pork slices, a slice of lap cheong and a quarter slice of hardboiled egg. It is likeable.

Dim Sum

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