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Chuan Kee Boneless Braised Duck

sells boneless braised duck with rice, noodles or porridge. Truly enjoyable!

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Braised Duck Rice

Chuan Kee Boneless Braised Duck sells braised duck with rice, noodles or porridge. Shown above is their braised duck rice set with extra braised pork belly added. This braised duck rice set comes with slices of boneless braised duck meat, braised tofu, half a braised egg and some braised peanuts on a plate braised rice with extra braised pork belly added.

The braised duck meat is meaty and moist and nicely flavoured. Likewise for the braised pork belly, it is meaty and juicy with some fatty parts. Very nice and a recommended add on. The braised tofu is soft with nice light braised flavours. Similarly for the braised peanuts, soft with nice braised flavours. As for the braised egg, it has very light braised flavours too and a mild hint of sweetness.

The rice given here is a brown coloured rice that is cooked with braised sauce. This rice is nicely flavoured with a mildly sweet taste, and some extra braised sauce is added giving it nice savour flavours as well. The plate of rice comes served with a small bowl of soup on the side with nice braised flavours with a mildly sweet and light herbal taste. As for the chilli, it is the watery type that tastes a bit limey and a bit of sweet, and mixes really well with the flavours of braised rice and braised meats.

This is definitely a lovely plate of braised duck rice. Absolutely likeable and truly enjoyable.


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