Review: Delicious Hong Kong Tim Sum (Singapore)

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Redhill Food Centre Singapore

Delicious Hong Kong Tim Sum

serves an assortment of dim sum like gar gow, siu mai, etc. Nothing bad, just rather ordinary.

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Har Gow

The gar gow has a usual mildly sticky and chewy skin with prawns filling inside. Quite decent.

Siu Mai

This is a petite bite-sized siu mai that contains a slightly savoury tasting meat filling with a soft skin wrapper. Rather decent as well.

Lotus Leaf Glutinous Rice

The lotus leaf glutinous rice has a firm and chewy glutinous rice wrapped in a layer of lotus leaf outside.

Within the glutinous rice is a filling containing a few small pieces of chicken meat, half a slice of mushroom and 2 halves of a chestnut. The mushroom is fairly soft, and the chicken meat is quite soft as well with decent seasoning flavours.

This lotus leaf glutinous rice is nothing bad, just rather ordinary. Also it is nothing much compared to the ones commonly found in Hong Kong, which comes with better fillings.

Red Bean Paste Pancake

This red bean paste pancake has a thin layer of nice crispy skin with soft and sweet tasting red bean paste inside. Quite likeable.


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