Review: Seribu Jaya Indian Food (Singapore)

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Seribu Jaya Indian Food

does the usual Indian cuisine like roti prata, thosai, mee goreng and more.

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Roti Prata

Seribu Jaya Indian Food does the usual assortment of roti prata.

Plain Prata

This plain prata is mildly crispy with a chewy texture and is decently flavoured.

Egg Prata

Just like the plain prata, this egg prata has a chewy texture with a soft egg layer wrapped inside. It has just small pockets of mild crispiness. Quite ordinary.

Coin Prata

The coin prata is essentially a plain prata cut into a strip and rolled up into a small coin. It has sugar added before being formed into a coin, and pan fried until it is golden. Just like the plain prata, this is chewy with mild sweetness from the added sugar. The outsides are crispier too. Quite likeable.


When you order the roti prata, it comes with a curry sauce served on the side. You’ve a choice between mutton curry, chicken curry and fish curry. All the 3 curries have nice meaty flavours with tiny bits of meat, and spicy. In my opinion the mutton curry is rather good with nice mutton flavours and isn’t overly salty. The fish curry has a very light sweet taste and goes well with the egg prata.



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Seribu Jaya Indian Food


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