Review: Pearl Rice Porridge (Singapore)

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Bedok Interchange Hawker Centre Hong Lim Food Centre Singapore

Pearl Rice Porridge

sells an assortment of porridge and spinach soup with choice of rice or noodles. Decent.


Minced Pork Peanuts Porridge

Pearl Rice Porridge sells an assortment of porridge. Shown above is their minced meat peanuts porridge with an egg mixed into the porridge as an extra add on. The porridge contains soft and tender minced meat with soft braised peanuts and topped with you tiao pieces, fried shallots and chopped spring onions. This bowl of porridge is smooth and flavourful. I like it.

Spinach Soup

Besides porridge, various spinach soup is available. Seen here is their bao zai mee which comes with minced meatballs, pork slices, a raw egg, lots of spinach and yi mian in a bowl of savoury tasting soup. The pork slices are soft and fairly tender. The meatballs are soft and meaty with nice savoury flavours. The soup with yi mian added tastes somewhat similar to instant noodles seasoning kind of soup flavours. It is decent.

Yong Tau Foo

Another variety of spinach soup available here is with yong tau foo pieces. As usual, there are lots of spinach added. The soup base isn’t the yong tau foo type of ikan bilis and soya beans flavoured soup, but tastes more like instant noodles type that is milder in flavours. The assortment of yong tau foo pieces has nice savoury flavours. They contain fairly soft yet firm and springy fish paste. Comes with some minced meat and minced meatball. You can choose to have this on its own or with choice of noodles or rice. This is decent too.


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Pearl Rice Porridge

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