Review: Paradise Wanton Noodle Rice (Singapore)

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🖓 Lousy

Paradise Wanton Noodle Rice

sells a few noodles and rice dishes with wanton mee as their headliner. Honestly, it’s quite bad.

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Wanton Mee

Paradise Wanton Noodle Rice sells a few noodles and rice dishes. Their wanton mee is their headliner which I assume should be one of their best tasting dishes but unfortunately it is not.

First, the noodles. It is cooked way too soft and tastes strongly of alkaline. Uses a soya sauce based seasoning with lard pieces, but it is quite tasteless and bland. It is a really sad plate of noodles. Next, the char siew slices. Lean meat char siew that are quite dry with not much char siew taste. For the wanton and soup, these are finally something ordinary decent. Wanton has a soft skin wrapper with alright tasting meat filling, and the soup has a very mild ikan bilis flavouring.

If you must, just get the wanton soup and forget about their noodles. Don’t waste your stomach on this one.

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Paradise Wanton Noodle Rice


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