Review: Depot Road Huang Ji Yun Tun Mian (Singapore)

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Depot Road Huang Ji Yun Tun Mian

serves generously large portions of wanton noodles. The wantons are especially good. Large, juicy and delicious.


Wanton Mee

Depot Road Huang Ji Yun Tun Mian dishes out tasty and generous portions of wanton mee. The noodles are springy and mixed with a black sauce based seasoning. Comes with large servings of vegetables, char siew and large sized wantons. Both types of wantons, fried and soup ones are included. The char siew is on the leaner side and has a mildly sweet flavour. The highlight is the wantons. They are large with juicy and nicely flavoured meat inside. The soup ones has a soft smooth wrapper in an accompanying soup with hints of ikan bilis. The fried wantons has its wrapper fried until it is golden brown and crispy, yet its meat fillings are still soft and juicy. It is one of the best fried wantons that I had eaten in a while. This is absolutely one very satisfying meal.



Depot Road Huang Ji Yun Tun Mian


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