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Rotiboy: Buns & Croissants


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is a bakery from Malaysia that is well-known for its coffee buns. A small offering of other buns and croissants is available as well. Way overrated.

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This is their namesake bun with a very nice fragrant scent while baking in the oven. It has a crispy coffee cream crust and has a butter filling within the bun. The bun itself is firm and chewy with mildly sweet and buttery flavours, and I can’t exactly taste coffee.

Even though it is not that buttery, just a few mouthfuls makes me feel kind of bloated, and I am the type who can take a generous thick stab of butter with my bo luo bao without any issues. Just one word, overrated.


The buttermilkboy is their non-coffee version of rotiboy using vanilla cream instead of coffee cream. It has some chocolate chips topping on its crispy top and a very butter filling inside its bun. Tastes sweet and buttery. Just an ok tasting bun.


The mochaboy has nice mocha flavours with almond bits topping and a chocolatey filling. Nice coffee and chocolate flavours, but its almond bits are soft and not crunchy. Just an average ordinary tasting bun.


The cheeseboy has some crispy grated cheddar cheese on its somewhat soft crust. It is supposed to have a cream cheese filling. However its cheese filling is kind of powdery and is no way near creamy, and neither cheesy at all. It tastes more like custard with a very faint hint of cheese. For someone who likes cheese, this is outright bad. Thumbs down.


Rotiboy offers 3 selections of croissants: butter croissant, croboy and coffee croboy.

The butter croissant has slightly crispy edges but is mostly soft, and definitely not flaky. It has a chewy texture that is somewhat like bread rather than the airiness and fluffiness of a croissant. It has a buttery taste though. Honestly your neighbourhood bakery probably serves better butter croissants than this.

The croboy has a crispy butter cream top with the same soft and chewy croissant texture. It has slightly sweet and buttery tastes.

The coffee croboy is similar to the croboy using coffee cream as its crispy topping instead. It has the same soft and chewy croissant texture. Its slightly sweet and buttery tastes comes with a faint note of coffee flavour.

All in all, don’t waste your stomach space on these average tasting croissants. They are totally not worth it.


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