Review: SIMPLEburger Inc (Singapore)

SIMPLEburger Inc: Double Bacon Cheese Burger & Vanilla Milkshake


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SIMPLEburger Inc

is a burger joint serving customisable burgers, fries, milkshakes, etc. Burgers are flavourful and juicy.

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SIMPLEburger Inc does customisable burgers with choice of beef, pork, chicken and pork patties, with options for cheese, bacon, egg, etc. There is a garnish bar where you can add whatever garnishes to your burger.

Beef Burger

The beef burger has a nicely grilled patty that has crispy edges and juicy flavourful meat. The patty is sandwiched in between a nice firm burger bun, and you can add whatever garnishes to your liking. Very likeable.

Double Bacon Cheese Burger

The double bacon cheese burger comes with two beef patties with sauted onions, cheese and bacon slices. The beef patties are nicely grilled with nice crispy edges while retaining their juiciness. The sauted onions are crunchy and the bacon is meaty and savoury. The melted cheese gives this burger nice cheesy flavours. This burger is good! Recommended!

Pork Burger

The pork patty used in nicely grilled with slightly crispy edges with soft and juicy insides. It has nice savoury tastes with a slice of cheese. The pork patty is sandwiched in between a firm burger bun with your preference of garnish toppings. Tastes nice.

Fish Burger

The fish burger has a crispy lightly breaded patty with moist fish meat inside. It is sandwiched in between a firm bun with cheese and mayonnaise added, and topped with your choice of garnishes. Tastes decent.

Chilli Cheese Dog

This hotdog uses a sausage that has a nice crispy skin with juicy meat filling sandwiched in between a toasted hotdog bun on a bed of lettuce shreddings. It is topped with chilli beans, minced meat and grated cheese. Likeable.


The fries are very nicely to a nice crisp with a nice firm texture. They are lightly salted with options for added cheese sauce and even with cheese, chilli beans and minced meat baked to a lovely melted crisp. Nice.

Curly Fries

The curly fries has very crispy outsides with soft potato insides. Nicely flavoured too. I like it!


The rosti contains some mixed beans in its potato filling. It is deep fried with crispy outsides and soft crunchy insides. Rather nice.

Vanilla Milkshake

The vanilla milkshake is sweet wih nice vanilla flavours and tastes fairly milky. It is rather nice.

Berry Milkshake

The berry milkshake is sweet, milky with nice berry flavours. Quite likeable.

Cocoa Milkshake

The cocoa milkshake is sweet and chocolatey. It topped with some grated cocoa bits. A good choice for chocolate lovers.

Banana Milkshake

This milkshake has banana added to its blend. It is sweet with tiny blended bits of banana, giving it nice banana flavourings.

Blackforest Milkshake

This blackforest milkshake has nice blackforest flavourings with crunchy cherry bits and topped with some cocoa flakes. It is very sweet tasting milkshake that is suitable for those with a sweet tooth!


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