Review: Ya Kun Kaya Toast (Singapore)


Ya Kun Kaya Toast

is an established name in Singapore. Ya Kun is famous for their kaya toast and has been around since 1944. They have since grown to have many outlets throughout Singapore and other countries. Their menu has also expanded with much more variety.


Klook: Ya Kun Kaya Toast

Signature Kaya

Ya Kun serves their signature kaya jam in a few different ways:

Kaya Butter Toast

The kaya butter toast is Ya Kun’s traditional signature dish. The brown bread is toasted and sliced into halves, so that it is crispy outside and soft inside. Kaya jam is spread on to the sliced bread with slices of cold butter added. When you bite into one of these, its toasted crispiness on the outside contrasts with the bread’s fluffy softness inside, with the slices of cold butter contradicts nicely with the sweetness of kaya jam.

Kaya Butter Steamed Bread

Kaya butter steamed bread is a direct opposite to kaya butter toast. Instead of toasted, two slices of crustless bread are steamed with kaya jam and butter slices added in between. The butter slices are melted though. It’ll probably taste better with cold butter slices.

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Cheezy French Toast with Kaya

A piece of cheese is sandwiched in between two slices of bread, soaked in eggs and fried into a french toast. This is served with a side of Ya Kun’s famous kaya jam.


Ya Kun serves pretty good asian flavour sandwiches.

Rendang Chicken Toastwich

If you like spicy, their Rendang Chicken Toastwich is highly recommended. The rendang sauce is spicy with a tint of sweetness and is amazingly tasty. The chicken meat chunks are tender and juicy with rendang flavour. Just look at the rendang sauce oozing out of the sandwich.

Chicken Char Siew Toastwich

Chicken Char Siew Toastwich is a good non-spicy choice. The chicken char siew filling has a sweet taste of char siew sauce (sweet barbecue sauce). This is one tasty sandwich.

Fish Otah Toastwich

Fish Otah Toastwich is just average. A large piece of fish otah (spicy fish paste) is used as filling for this toastwich. The mayonnaise spread in this sandwich makes it taste odd. It’ll probably taste better without the mayonnaise.

Tuna Mayonnaise Toastwich

Tuna Mayonnaise Toastwich is a more standard option. The tuna mayonnaise is creamy with a heavy dose of pepper. Beware, there is a strong spicy pepper taste that may not be to everyone’s liking.


Ya Kun Kaya Toast (Great World City)

1 Kim Seng Promenade,
#01-135 Great World City,
Singapore 237994
Tel: 6219 0395