Review: Swee Huat Fresh Sugar Cane Juice (Singapore)



Zion Riverside Food Centre Singapore

Swee Huat Fresh Sugar Cane Juice

sells the usual assortment of drinks and sugar cane juice. The ones with sour plum is good.

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Sugar Cane

Swee Huat Fresh Sugar Cane Juice sells 3 types of sugar cane juice. The regular freshly pressed ones, with lemon added and with sour plum added.

The regular sugar cane juice is fairly sweet and refreshing, quite likeable. The sugar cane juice with lemon added has a thick slice of lemon added, giving it a lemony taste with a tint of sweetness. Nice refreshing too.

The one that is not commonly found is their sugar cane juice with sour plum added. This cup sugar cane juice has sour plum flakes added as toppings. Nice sugar cane flavours with a very nice mixture of sweet and sourly flavours of sour plum. Really good and definitely worth a 1-star rating. Highly recommended!

Sour Plum Drink

The sour plum is also available as a drink, essentially sour plum flavoured water. Similarly to its sugar cane counterpart, this has nice flavours of sour plum with a slightly sweet taste. Likeable too, though I still prefer the sugar cane version of this.

Lime Drink

This lime drink is just your regular lime drink made from concentrate. It is sweet and a bit lemony, and its flavours are a bit too intense from the concentrate used. Just ordinary.


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