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Shaw Centre Raffles City Singapore

Tarte By Cheryl Koh

serves a nice assortment of tasty artisanal tarts. Simply lovely!

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This Blackberry tart has fresh blackberry stacked on light vanilla cream in a crunchy crust. The cream tastes really nice.

Shine Muscat

The Shine Muscat tart uses Korean shine muscat grapes with Yuja cream in a nice buttery crispy tart crust. The grapes are fresh and juicy sweet. Really nice. Highly recommended

Sollies Figs

This Sollies Figs tart uses fresh Sollies figs on a light vanilla cream in a crunchy tart crust. The figs is fresh and the cream tastes really nice. Not too sweet as well. I like it.

Black Forest

The Black Forest tart uses Kirsch mousse with dark chocolate and Morello cherries in a nice chocolate crust. Sweet flavours with a hint of liquor. Tastes nice. Seasonal item.

Ardeche Chestnut

This Ardeche Chestnut tart has Ardeche chestnut mousse with dark rum jelly topped with light chestnut cream on a buttery tasting crust. Nice chestnut and rum flavours and not overly sweet. Nice. Seasonal item.


This Pistachio tart uses Sicillian pistachio frangipane with pistachio cream in a nice cookie tart crust. Just mildly sweet with nice light flavours of pistachio. Would have preferred it more intense though.


This Cheese tart uses mascarpone and cream cheese with white chocolate in a tasty crust. Nice cheesy flavours with a lightly caramelised surface. Good choice for cheese lovers. I like this too. Thumbs up!


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Tarte By Cheryl Koh

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