Review: New Hong Kong Roast (Singapore)

New Hong Kong Roast: Char Siew, Siu Yuk Rice & Dumplings Soup

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New Hong Kong Roast

has char siew, siu yuk, roast duck and soya sauce chicken served with rice or noodles. Tastes ordinary.

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Char Siew & Siu Yuk

New Hong Kong Roast serves char siew slices and siu yuk slices with the same flavoured rice used for hainanese chicken rice. The rice is firm, flavourful and has a hint of ginger. The char siew is firm and meaty with a sweet taste, while the siu yuk is meaty with some soft fatty parts and crispy skin. Some sweet braised sauce is added on to the rice, and a limey and garlicky chilli sauce is provided on the side. However, both the char siew and siu yuk are quite ordinary.

Soya Sauce Chicken

The slices of soya sauce chicken are nicely deboned. They are moist and meaty, with a fairly smooth skin that has nice soya sauce flavours. Noodles are chosen for this dish. The noodles are firm and springy, and it is tossed in a sweet black soya sauce seasoning with some crispy pork lard and vegetables. An optional sweet tasting chilli paste can be added to the side. The dish is served with a bowl of lightly flavoured soup on the side. It tastes rather decent.

Dumplings Soup

An optional dumplings soup can be added as a side. The dumplings are more like wanton then dumplings, with a somewhat firm skin and a meaty filling. The soup comes with some vegetables and is topped with fried shallots. It tastes decent as well.


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New Hong Kong Roast

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