Review: Two Guys (Singapore)

Two Guys: Chicken Kebab Wrap & Cheeseburger with Egg


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Two Guys

is a Turkish muslim stall offering a selection of kebab, hawawshi and burgers. Nice!

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Chicken Kebab Wrap

The chicken kebab wrap has chunky pieces of flavourful chicken meat with a nice note of smokiness. Some lettuce is included in the thin wrap. Very likeable.

Chicken & Mutton Hawawshi

For the hawawshi, there is a choice of chicken or mutton meats, or a mix of both. Above is their hawawshi with both chicken and mutton meats. as well as added cheese. The chicken is soft and tender, and the mutton is firm and meaty. Both meats are flavourful. The meat filling comes with some onion bits and the added cheese is melty. Some mayonnaise is topped on the pita bread. Not bad.


This cheeseburger uses their own housemade beef patty that is soft, juicy and flavourful. It is pan fried with a slice of cheese with sauteed onions and lettuce added. The fried egg is an extra add-on. These are sandwiched in between a pan toasted bun and served with a side of crispy fries. Nice!

Chicken Burger

This chicken burger uses chunks of chicken kebab meat instead of a chicken patty. The chicken meat is soft and meaty, and has nice flavours. These are sandwiched in between a pan toasted bun with lettuce added. A side of crispy fries is included. I like this too.



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Two Guys

Seah Im Food Centre

Singapore 099114


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