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Barcook Bakery

is a Taiwanese style bakery with a large selection of breads and cakes.



Raisin Cheese

The raisin cheese bun is their signature bun that made Barcook Bakery famous. It is their bestseller and all time favourite. This bun is soft, cottony soft, and has a filling of smooth cream cheese with a nice note of rum and a tint of sweetness from the added raisins. Lovely.

Mixed Berries Cheese

This is yet another bestselling bun. It is a very soft bun filled with cream cheese and topped with a mixture of blueberries and cranberries. Nice….


This is a Japanese inspired soft bun with chicken ham and Japanese egg mayonnaise. The mayonnaise makes this tastes creamy and nice.

Curry Guy

Yet another Japanese inspired bun. It has crispy flakes on top just like those Japanese fried curry bun. Contains curry potato filling with chicken meat and egg. Just like Japanese curry buns, its curry filling isn’t spicy and has a sweet taste.


This croissant has a nice buttery taste coming from the french butter used. It is crispy outside and quite airy. A bit chewy and moist inside. It is quite a nice croissant if you catch it freshly baked.

Cheese Croissant

This cheese croissant is similar to the regular croissant. It is crispy outside and quite airy with a nice buttery taste. Contains a long stab of cheese as its filling. Absolutely lovely! Recommended.

German Pudding

This german pudding has a nice cream cheese, whipping cream and egg filling with flavours that is lightly sweet and slightly cheesy. Its cookie like crust is made with wholemeal flour mixed with grounded almond bits. You can actually taste the crunchiness of almond bits when you bite into it. I like it.


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