Guide: Bukit Timah Food Centre (Singapore)


UPDATED 02-Oct-2022

Bukit Timah Food Centre

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Not Rated

118 Beancurd Soya Bean Drinks

Not Rated

Ah Poh BBQ Seafood

Not Rated

Zhou Pin

Not Rated

Zhonghua Cafe

Not Rated

Mei Chin Seafood

Not Rated

Seah Family Braised Duck Rice Duck Noodle Kway Chap

Not Rated

Beauty In A Bowl

Not Rated

Dim Sum

Not Rated

Curry On

Not Rated

Mei Lee Coffee Tea & Drinks Stall

Not Rated

Steamed Healthy Stewed Soup

Not Rated

138 Fruit Juice Porridge

Not Rated

Ho Kee Hong Kong Roasted Delight

Not Rated

Shiba Roti

Not Rated

Hock Hoe Coffee

Not Rated

Xing Xing

Not Rated

Quan Xiang Fish Porridge

Not Rated

Zhong Zhong Fine Spice

Not Rated

Juz Bake

Not Rated

Fresh Fruit Juice & Sugar Cane Juice

Not Rated

Lu Ji Spinach Soup

Not Rated

Hock Le Xiang

Not Rated

Siew Kee Curry Mixed Veg Rice

Not Rated

SK Fruit Juice

Not Rated

Teck Hin Fishball Noodle

Not Rated

Chin Hock Mutton Soup

Not Rated

Jie Ji Boneless Braised Duck

Not Rated

Fruity Fruit

Not Rated

Hong Wen Mutton Soup

Not Rated

Japanese Cuisine

Not Rated

Sin Chew Satay Bee Hoon Cuttlefish Kang Kong

Not Rated

Hainan Coffee

Not Rated

Pin Tasty Home Made Nyonya Kueh Glutinous Rice Chee Cheong Fun

Not Rated

Sheng Cheng Teochew Fishball Minced Meat Noodles

Not Rated


Not Rated

168 Beef Hor Fun White Bee Hoon With Clam

Not Rated

Tian Ji Coffee Shop

Not Rated

Xin Xin Sugar Cane & Fruit Juice

Not Rated

Yong Fatt Chang

Not Rated

Hup Cheong Coffee Shop

Not Rated

Ying Kee Dessert

Not Rated

Seng Heng Hainanese Chicken Rice

Not Rated

Selera Hidayah

Not Rated

He Le Seafood White Bee Hoon

Not Rated

183 Chee Cheong Fun Yam Cake Pork Dumpling Nonya Dumpling

Not Rated

184 Family Cooked Food

Not Rated

Kopi Stall

Not Rated

Living Wholesale Vegetarian Food

Not Rated

189 Mi Jian Kueh Nasi Lemak

Not Rated

Lim Yean Kee Cold Drinks And Beers

Not Rated

133 Penang Authentic

Not Rated

Chong Kee Noodle House

Not Rated

Go Pasta

Not Rated

Soon Kee Coffee & Tea

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Bukit Timah Food Centre


Guide: Bukit Timah Food Centre (Singapore)


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