Review: Guang Li Wanton Noodle (Singapore)

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[ Closed ] Guang Li Wanton Noodle

has been selling traditional old school Singapore style wanton mee since 1964. Popular stall that opens for 4 evenings a week.

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Wanton Mee

Guang Li Wanton Noodle dishes out traditional old school Singapore style type of wanton mee.

The noodles is springy and delicious, with quite a handful of people in the queue requesting to add extra portions of noodles. It is tossed with just a simple soya sauce based flavouring and topped with lean meat char siew that is tender. The soup has nice ikan bilis flavours to it. Wanton has soft skin and juicy meat fillings.

Char Siew Dumpling Noodles

Guang Li Wanton Noodle serves dumplings too. You can opt for char siew dumpling noodles instead of having wanton. The dumpling contains prawn, minced pork with bits of water chestnut wrapped in a thin wrapper. It is nice.

As this is quite a popular stall, be prepared to wait a while for your turn.


Wanton Mee

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Guang Li Wanton Noodle

#01-01 (Closed)
Havelock Road FC

Singapore 161022


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