Review: Hock Ann Prawn Noodle Lor Mee (Singapore)

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Hock Ann Prawn Noodle Lor Mee

sells both prawn noodles and lor mee. Just average tasting and poor use of MSG for both.

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Prawn Mee

The prawn noodles is available in both soup and dry versions. Shown here is the dry version.

The prawn noodles comes with prawns, pork slices, fish cake slices and topped with fried shallots. Its flavouring is just average and there is a slight alkaline taste coming from the yellow noodles. The bowl of soup on the side actually tastes fairly nice but it is flavoured with MSG, that makes your mouth feels dry afterwards. If given a choice, this is not something that I would go for.

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Lor Mee

This lor mee has a starchy sauce with thick yellow noodles. Comes with pork belly slices, ngo hiang slices and some fish meat. The pork belly is quite tender with fatty parts, however it tastes a little too salty for me. The ngo hiang slices are more like fried flour slices, can’t taste any substance inside. Instead of fish nuggets, this stall gives a few small chunks of fish meat, that’s it. Average flavours, subpar ingredients. As usual, you will feel dryness in your throat afterwards from the MSG. Not something I would go for either.

Both the prawn noodles and lor mee are not something I would go for. The poor use of MSG for just an average taste is a deal killer for me. There are better choices out there.

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Hock Ann Prawn Noodle Lor Mee


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