Review: Soon Huat Lor Mee Laksa (Singapore)

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Soon Huat Lor Mee Laksa

is a stall that sells lor mee and laksa. Likeable but just averagely nice

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Lor Mee

Soon Huat Lor Mee Laksa does decent tasting lor mee. It uses the thicker type of yellow noodles mixed with some bean sprouts. Contains ngo hiang slices, braised pork belly bits, crispy flour bits and a fish nugget. A starchy braised gravy is then added. The pork belly bits are half fatty, which is nice. Fish nugget is lightly crispy but is turing soft. The ngo hiang is decent as well. This is just another ordinary likeable lor mee.



Soon Huat Lor Mee Laksa dishes out laksa too. This bowl of laksa comes with see hum, fish cake slices, tau pok and half a hardboiled egg with thick mee hoon and some bean sprouts drenched in laksa gravy. This laksa gravy isn’t thick. It is quite light and just very mildly spicy. Tastes just average.

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Soon Huat Lor Mee Laksa


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