Review: Lickers (Singapore)

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does really nice tasting ice cream with over two dozen flavours available on rotation.

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Ice Cream

Lickers does really nice tasting ice cream wth over two dozen flavours available on rotation. Although not every flavour is nice, there are a few highly lickable ones.

Honey Comb

I love this honey comb ice cream. It is a simple sweet creamy ice cream filled with honeycomb toffees. Crunchy combs top layer with sweet gooey honey mess inside. Lovely! Highly recommended.

Macadamia Popcorn

The macadamia popcorn ice cream is yet another personal favourite. It has a thick butterscotch cream base filled with honey baked macadamia nut clutters. Tastes just like the real thing. Definitely lickable. Highly recommended.

Roasted Pistachio

This roasted pistachio ice cream has nice roasty and nutty flavours and isn’t overly sweet. Comes with bits of pistachio nuts inside. Very nice.

Hazelnut Truffle

This is yet another nice nutty flavoured ice cream. Bits of hazelnuts and truffle chocolate bits are mixed into this lovely hazelnut truffle. Thumbs up.

Chrysanthemum Ginseng

This is definitely a very nice chrysanthemum ginseng ice cream. It has very nice chrysanthemum flavours with hints of ginseng’s bitterness. Yet it isn’t too bitter or leaves a bitter aftertaste. Its sweetness level is just right too. Tastes just like having a good cup of chrysanthemum ginseng tea. I love this. Highly recommended.

Oolong Lavender

This oolong lavender ice cream has intense lavender flavours, but it falls way short in oolong tastes. There is just a very small hint of oolong flavours, with overpowering lavender flavourings. As a tea drinker, personally I’d prefer something with stronger and more intense oolong tastes. This is at most average to me.

Cookie Monster

This is literally a junkie ice cream. Creamy vanilla flavoured ice cream made into a blue hue and filled with bits of Oreos, chocolate chip cookies, cookie dough and M&Ms. Brings out the kid in you.


This is a cookie butter ice cream that is filled with shortcrust biscuits crumbs. It has a nice sweet taste. If you like something sweet and creamy, this is a good choice.

Yakult Oreo

This Yakult Oreo ice cream is is a very nice twist to the usual cookies and cream ice cream. It really taste like Yakult with bits of Oreo crumbs. Very lickable.

Milo Mallow

This ice cream has a nice thick milo flavour with marshmallow bits added. Chocolatey milkiness flavours with pockets of chewiness. Nice!

Dark Chocolate

This is a nice dark chocolate ice cream. Unlike other dark chocolate ice cream, this one is darkly bitter and isn’t sweet. Nice intense chocolatey tastes with a bitter finish. If you like dark chocolates, you’d probably like this one.

Mao Shan Wang

The Mao Shan Wang ice cream has rich durian flavours. It is almost like having durian puree with thick flavours and a sweet note. The definite ice cream for durian lovers.

Rum and Raisin

Sultana raisins are simmered and soaked in rum, and mixed in a creamy ice cream, giving this rum and raisin ice cream a richly intense rum flavour. Definitely a good alcoholic ice cream. Recommended.

Pear Chardonnay

This is a sorbet rather than an ice cream. Unlike the other ice cream flavours, this is quite a disappointment. There is a mild taste of pear as well as chardonnay, but the choice of chardonnay used is a poor one and doesn’t taste good. Neither is the pear used a good one. Don’t waste your stomach on this one.


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