Review: Cream Land (Fukuoka, Japan)

Cream Land: Matcha & Azuki Beans Soft Serve Cone



Cream Land

does japanese soft serve ice cream with a nice selection of flavours. Really likeable.


Rich Vanilla

This soft serve is made using mascarpone cream from Hokkaido with extra egg yolks added, giving it a rich creamy and milky flavours. It has a nice sweet taste. The waffle cone is crispy with a slight buttery taste. Lovely.


The banana soft serve has a real piece of banana blended with soft serve ice cream. It is creamy with tastes of banana. You can even taste tiny banana bits in the soft serve! Really likeable.

Matcha & Azuki Beans

This soft serve is mixed with matcha green tea powder in a blender and served with azuki beans. The soft serve is creamy with a light sweet taste and very nice green tea flavours. The azuki beans is firm and sweet. Nice!

Soft Serve

Review: Daimyo Softcream (Fukuoka, Japan)


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Cream Land


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