Review: Waker Chicken (Singapore)

Waker Chicken: Fire Spicy Half Chicken


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Waker Chicken

serves Korean fried chicken in various flavours that are crispy, airy and juicy. In one word, good!

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Korean Fried Chicken

Waker Chicken serves Korean fried chicken in 5 flavours: original, fire spicy, sweet spicy, soy sauce and honey butter. There is a choice of a whole chicken, half chicken, chicken tenders, chicken wings as well as a set meal with either fried chicken or chicken tenders, rice and fries.


Above is their 2pc chicken set meal that comes with a serving of butter rice, fries and coleslaw.

The butter rice is fairly fragrant with a firm texture and a mild buttery taste. The fries is lightly salted and is crispy outside, soft inside. The coleslaw is crunchy and juicy with nice flavours.

As for the original flavour fried chicken, it has tender and juicy meat with a crispy airy and flavourful chicken skin. it is good!

Fire Spicy

Above is their fire spicy flavour half chicken. Just like the original flavour, the fried chicken has tender and moist meat with a crispy airy and flavourful skin. The batter used has a mild level of spiciness compared to the original ones. This is good too.

Sweet Spicy

The fried chicken wing has soft and moist meat with crispy skin, and is glazed with a slightly sweet and slightly spicy tasting sauce. Tastes nice.

Soy Sauce

The fried chicken tender has a nice crispy batter covering its moist and meaty chunks of chicken meat. It is glazed with a slightly savoury and slightly sweet tasting soy sauce. Tastes nice too.

Honey Butter

The honey butter flavour fried chicken uses the same crispy and juicy fried chicken as the original ones with a honey butter powder added. The honey butter powder gives this fried chicken a slightly sweet and slightly buttery taste, while retaining its crispiness and juiciness. In one word, good!


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Waker Chicken


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