Review: 639 Roasted Curry Noodle (Singapore)

639 Roasted Curry Noodle: Char Siew & Siu Yuk Curry Chee Cheong Fun


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639 Roasted Curry Noodle

offers a quartet of siu mei roasted meats with rice, curry noodles or curry chee cheong fun. Nice.

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4 Treasure Rice

639 Roasted Curry Noodle offers a quartet of sui mei roasted meats – char siew, siu yuk, roast duck and roast sausage. Their 4 treasure rice comes with all 4 choices of roasted meat and a fried egg.

The char siew is done rather nicely. It is soft and meaty with sweet caramelized edges. The siu yuk, likewise, is soft and meaty with a nice crispy skin and a slightly savoury taste. The roast duck has moist, firm and meaty boneless meat with a juicy and flavourful skin. The roast sausage is firm and meaty with nice sweet flavours. The char siew and siu yuk are especially likeable.

The slices of roasted meats are served. on a plate of white rice with a slightly sweet tasting braised sauce added, and topped with some sesame seeds. A fried egg is included as well. An optional dried shrimp flavoured chilli paste pairs rather well with the roasted meats.

This is a truly enjoyable meal.


Siu Mei

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Curry Chee Cheong Fun

639 Roasted Curry Noodle offers something unique, curry chee cheong fun with choice of roasted meat. Above is with char siew and siu yuk.

The chee cheong fun is served in a bowl of curry sauce that is mildly spicy with nice dried shrimp flavours. It comes with slices of pig skin that is soft and smooth, and pieces of soft tau pok. A side of long beans is included as well. The chee cheong fun itself is kind of soft and mushy. It would have be a lot better if it is a little firmer and smoother, but it is alright and still likeable.

Curry Noodles

The usual type of curry noodles served with yellow noodles is available as well with your choice of roast meat. Above is with roast duck chosen. Just like their curry chee cheong fun, it comes with pig skin, tau pok and long beans. The curry noodles is quite likeable too.


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639 Roasted Curry Noodle

5 Banda St

Singapore 050005


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