Review: Hup Kee Wu Xiang Guan Chang (Singapore)

Hup Kee Wu Xiang Guan Chang: Assorted Ngo Hiang, Fried Mee Hoon & Sauce



Review :

Hup Kee Wu Xiang Guan Chang

has been serving Hokkien style traditional hgo hiang for over 90 years. Very likeable.

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Ngo Hiang

Hup Kee Wu Xiang Guan Chang serves a small selection of traditional ngo hiang pieces with several sets and fried mee hoon. Above is their set that comes with ngo hiang, egg cake, guan chang sausage and fishball with fried mee hoon and a dipping sauce.

The ngo hiang has a nice crispy skin wrapping a soft and meaty filling with a nice mildly sweet taste. The egg cake is crispy outside and soft inside. The guan chang sausage has a meaty filling and a soft and sweet tasting skin, and the fishball is soft and springy with a nice light savoury taste. All of them are very likeable.

The assorted ngo hiang pieces are served with a plate of fried mee hoon. The fried mee hoon contains some bean sprouts, and has a nice dry texture with a very faint tint of sweet. A limey tasting chilli sauce and a slightly sweet and starchy sweet sauce is provided as well. The dipping sauces pairs really well with the ngo hiang pieces.

This assorted serving of ngo hiang pieces with fried mee hoon is tasty and very likeable.

Ngo Hiang

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Hup Kee Wu Xiang Guan Chang


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